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Ukrainian Refugees already in the UK

(Information updated: June 2024)


Ukrainians already in the UK will be able to extend their visa or switch to another immigration route, where eligible.

Q & A: Frequently asked questions and answers about the Ukraine Permission Extension scheme and visa changes are in English here and in Ukrainian here


The Ukraine Permission Extension scheme is a new visa scheme, open from early 2025, for existing Ukraine scheme visa holders who have made the UK their temporary home. It will provide permission to stay in the UK for an additional 18 months. You can apply 3 months before your existing visa expires. 
- The new visa will be for 18 months leave from when your current visa runs out. For example, if your current visa will expire on 30 March 2025, and you are granted a new visa under the Ukraine Permission Extension scheme, you will be able to stay in the UK until the 30 September 2026. Combined with the permission of 36 months already granted this is a total of 54 months or four and a half years of temporary sanctuary in the UK.
- The scheme is open to Ukrainians who have arrived in the UK and qualified under one of the UK’s three schemes (Homes for Ukraine, Ukraine Family Scheme or Ukraine Extension Scheme) and have made the UK their temporary home. In addition, those granted Leave Outside the Rules who continue to have valid permission to remain in the UK will be eligible to apply.
- The new scheme is due to open in early 2025, and you will be able to apply within the last three months of your existing visa expiring. For example, if your current visa expires on 1 June 2025, you will be able to apply for the Ukraine Permission Extension scheme visa from 1 March 2025.
- The new visa will give you the same rights and entitlements to work, benefits, healthcare, and education that you have now. You will be able to travel to and from Ukraine on a Ukraine Permission Extension scheme visa.
- You will not be charged an application fee for the visa. You will have to apply online using the digital application process.
- It is not expected that you will need legal support as the application process will be similar to other visa processes.

Information will be available on the GOV.UK ( website and further details on eligibility and application processes will be available before the scheme opens

More information here: Ukraine Permission Extension scheme information - GOV.UK (

Additional Government visa information for those in the UK already (in English, Ukrainian and Russian):

For those with existing visas/leave to remain in the UK who require further advice, call the Home Office helpline: 0808 164 8810 Calls are free.


The Ukraine Extension Scheme (Please note this is NOT the same as the Ukraine Permission Extension Scheme) allowed Ukrainians already in the UK on holiday, visiting family, studying and so on at the outbreak of the full invasion of Ukraine permission to stay. This scheme CLOSED for most new applications on 16 May 2024, although it remains open for children born in the UK to apply for permission to stay.

Information here: Apply to stay in the UK under the Ukraine Extension Scheme - GOV.UK (


All physical document Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs) now expire on or before 31 December 2024 – this does not change your entitlement to stay in the UK. You do not need to tell the Home Office if your BRP expires on 31 December 2024 and your permission to stay in the UK has been granted for a longer period. You do not need to do anything now, and the expiry of your BRP before the expiry of your permission does not change your entitlement to work, access services or benefits, or travel. If you’ve not been contacted by the Home Office, you do not need to do anything yet. You’ll be able to set up access to your eVisa later in 2024. Information will be available on GOV.UK to tell you what you need to do in 2024.

Information here: Get access to your eVisa - GOV.UK (


There are many groups on social media who are sharing advice and experiences, but we recommend you either call the Home Office helpline or seek advice from a qualified immigration lawyer.  

In addition, some charities provide free immigration advice, but not all will be able to provide advice in Ukrainian. The Refugee Council has set up a useful list of resources available across the country and in Northern Ireland:

Important information on how to find a registered immigration lawyer and avoid scams (written in Ukrainian and English) can be found here:

The Home Office also has a free call helpline for visa enquiries: 0808 164 8810.


All Home Office published materials are accessible for download by clicking on the following link: