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Frequently Asked Questions

Helping Ukraine

I want to donate money to help Ukraine. Who should I make my donation to? 
Can I donate medical supplies or equipment for safe transportation to Ukraine?
Can I donate funds towards protective equipment for Ukrainian volunteer/territorial defence forces?
Where can I donate food/clothes to help Ukrainians in Ukraine or Ukrainian refugees who have fled and are now based in Eastern European countries?
I (or my organisation) would like to donate a specific service or items for the newly arrived refugees, for example, computing equipment, education, employment, counselling, therapies, transport, or some other form of help or assistance.
I would like to volunteer to provide a helping hand but do not know who to approach.


On 14 March the government announced a new sponsorship scheme allowing UK residents to sponsor Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine and offer a safe haven in the UK. Anyone in the UK can register on the government’s dedicated portal, Homes for Ukraine. To be eligible for the scheme, the Ukrainian refugees need to have been resident in Ukraine prior to 1 January 2022.  For further information see:

I have registered on the government’s website to offer accommodation. Do you have a list of people who need help that you could match for me or, if not, where can I find the details of the people seeking refuge?
I have found someone on social media who is offering to match up Ukrainian refugees with sponsors. What should I do? I just want to help these poor people and am beginning to be put off by having to wait?


How do I find a sponsor in the UK?
How do I find housing in the UK?
Where can I obtain legal immigration advice specifically relating to Ukrainian refugees?
What are my rights whilst being a Ukrainian refugee in the UK?
I am and/or my child/children are traumatised by the war that we have witnessed. Is there anybody that I can talk to about it?
Where is the nearest Ukrainian Church or community centre

Media Enquiries or other enquiries

For all media and other enquiries, please contact us here

How can I contact the Association of Ukrainians?