Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain
AUGB Ltd, 49 Linden Gardens, London, W2 4HG

Becoming a Member

The Association welcomes new members. There are two types of membership – Full and Associate. If you do not meet the criteria to become a Full Member, you may still be able to join the organisation as an Associate Member.

Prospective new members must provide required details about themselves on application, subscribe to the objects of AUGB and Articles of Association and want to maintain and develop the life and interests of the Ukrainian community in Great Britain.

Full Membership is open to an individual who: (a) is at least eighteen years of age; (b) has the right to reside in the United Kingdom for a period of over 6 months; and (c) wishes to promote the objects of the Association as set out in article 2; and (d) is a: (i) Ukrainian national (including any person of Ukrainian ethnic origin regardless as to whether or not that person or that person’s ancestors were born within the borders of the state of Ukraine), or (ii) child or descendant of a Ukrainian national, or (iii) spouse or civil partner of a Ukrainian national or a child or descendant of a Ukrainian national.

The Association’s local branches provide plenty of opportunities for people to become involved and make a difference: helping to run the community centre, organising social and cultural events, raising awareness of Ukrainian issues externally, and helping maintain pride in our heritage and traditions. 

Become a member by contacting your nearest local AUGB Branch Membership Officer.

Get involved – make a difference!

Subscription Rates

The annual subscription rates from 1 January 2023 are:
Full members £20; Concessionary (incl. members of the Ass’n of Ukrainian Women) £10; Students: £3; Corporate Members: £50.

Consent to Receive Email Notifications

Members need to consent to receive notifications via email.

Most members have already advised us of their preferences but if you haven’t done so yet, or are just joining the organisation, you need to let your local Branch Membership Officer know about your preferences to receive electronic communications from the AUGB (nationally and locally). Your preferences will be keyed in to the central database by the Branch Membership Officer to ensure that you receive (or do not receive) emails as you have requested.