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Ukrainian Refugees wishing to come to the UK

(Information updated: June 2024)


Some visa types for Ukrainians seeking refuge in the UK changed in February 2024.  

The Ukraine Family Scheme was introduced to allow eligible Ukrainian nationals to join family members or extend their stay in the UK. Unfortunately, the scheme CLOSED on 19 February 2024, so you can no longer apply under this specific scheme.  

However, there are other options available:

Homes for Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme:

- If you want to be sponsored by a UK household for 6 months, you may be able to apply under this scheme if you have an approved sponsor. If you were previously eligible under the Ukraine Family Scheme, you may be eligible to apply to the Homes for Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme.
- Following the changes made on 19 February 2024, Homes for Ukraine visas will now provide 18 months permission to stay, rather than 36 months as previously.
- If you submitted your application before 15:00 on 19 February 2024 you will receive 36 months permission to stay.
- If you submitted you application for a Homes for Ukraine visa, after 15:00 on 19 February 2024, you would now receive 18 months permission to stay.
- You will be able to apply for the Ukraine Permission Extension scheme when your 18-month Homes for Ukraine visa expires.
- Sponsors for new arrivals from Ukaine now need to have indefinite leave to remain, including EUSS settled status or be British and Irish citizens.
- If you wish to join a family member here, they can only act as your sponsor if they have indefinite leave to remain, including EUSS settled status or be British and Irish citizens. This means that a friend or family member who has already arrived in the UK on one of the Ukraine schemes cannot be a sponsor if they do not have settled status in the UK.

Information here:
Information here:   Подання заяви за Спонсорською схемою «Дім для українців» - GOV.UK (

Ukrainian Extension Scheme:

- This scheme allowed Ukrainians already in the UK on holidays, visiting family, studying and so on at the outbreak of the full invasion of Ukraine permission to stay. This scheme CLOSED for most new applications on 16 May 2024, although it remains open for children born in the UK to apply for permission to stay. Please note this is NOT the same as the Ukraine Permission Extension scheme, which allows Ukrainians already here to extend their stay by 18 months.

Information here: Apply to stay in the UK under the Ukraine Extension Scheme - GOV.UK (

In summary, the steps involved in the new process are now:

- Start your visa application online
- Select a Visa Application Centre (VAC) to give biometric information
- Upload any documentary evidence asked for with the application
- Provide your biometric information at your selected VAC
- Collect your visa from your selected VAC

You are able to give biometric data at the VAC in Kyiv, but you must collect your visa from the VAC in Warsaw.


This information is for you if you are a Ukrainian national, don’t have a sponsor’s name and are seeking refuge in the UK.

The Government has produced a list of Recognised Providers - voluntary and community sector organisations who can help guests from Ukraine find sponsors in the UK. A list of websites where you can register to find a sponsor is available here: Як знайти спонсора через зареєстровані організації - GOV.UK (

When you have found a sponsor, the process of registering for a visa under the Homes for Ukraine scheme in English and Ukrainian is here:

Check current government information as to whether you will need to book and attend an appointment at a Visa Application Centre to submit biometrics. You can find a centre here or information here about the UK Visa Application Centre in Kyiv

Security checks for both Ukrainian nationals and the UK sponsor will be undertaken as part of the visa application process.


The Government of Scotland previously sponsored Ukrainian nationals directly - however, this has now changed.
The Scottish Super Sponsor Scheme remains PAUSED FOR NEW APPLICATIONS. The Scottish Government are doing this to make sure they can provide support and sanctuary to those displaced people who are in Scotland already or will shortly be arriving.  

The Government of Wales previously sponsored Ukrainian nationals directly - this Super Sponsor route is now CLOSED.

what can you bring to the uk

.This information is for you if you are a Ukrainian national arriving in the UK. It details what you can bring.  

You will not usually need to stop or speak to a customs officer when you bring your personal belongings into the UK. However, there are rules if you are arriving with any of the following:  a personal vehicle, a pet, prohibited or restricted goods or £10,000 or more in cash (or the equivalent in another currency). For more details see: Bringing personal items to the UK as a Ukrainian refugee


You should make very clear arrangements with your sponsor or family before travelling to meet them, and always be aware that there may be some who will try to take advantage of vulnerable people. These leaflets in English and Ukrainian provide useful guidance on staying safe with helpline numbers for various countries in Europe which you can use if you feel unsafe.

When in the UK, if you feel unsafe or feel that you might be exploited, call 999 immediately and ask for POLICE.


The Government and local authorities have set up welcome centres at many of the key points of entry to the UK which can provide help and advice, as well as assistance if any problem arises with meeting your sponsor.

To help Ukrainian nationals travelling to the UK, free onward travel is being offered on National Rail and other bus and coach services to get you to a safe place. 

You will need to show your Ukrainian passport and a boarding pass or ticket showing your arrival into the UK. The offer is valid across all train operators in England, Scotland and Wales, and you will have 48 hours from arrival in the UK to complete your journey.   The same free travel applies across London using TfL's London Underground, Docklands Light Railway (DLR), bus and tram services so you can reach your final destination as quickly as possible.​​​​​​​


The UK Government has produced 'week one guidance' information about services that Ukrainians may need in their first week in the UK such as:  

· Arriving and living in the UK
· Access benefits and essential services
· Work and tax
· Education
· Health

Information here:  

Immigration information for Ukrainians in the UK: your next steps details what action Ukrainians need to take after arriving in the UK to confirm their immigration status, and how to demonstrate their status to access work, and the benefits and services they are entitled to.

Other Home Office publications are available here.