Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain
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Founded in 1949, by ballet master & choreographer Petro Dnistrowyk, Orlyk is one of the oldest established Ukrainian dance groups in the world, representing the various regions of Ukraine through a combination of dance, song, music and costume.

Named after the Cossack Hetman Pylyp Orlyk, Dnistrowyk wanted to start something for his people that would give them a breath of their native air and feel as if their souls were united with Ukraine.

Dance has always been a vital part of Ukrainian culture. It has always been Orlyk's aim to share this with others, who may not know about Ukraine and her rich culture and history, and keep this significant part of Ukraine's heritage alive.

Orlyk has extensive national and international experience including concerts, festivals, theatre and television shows, weddings, parties, corporate and charity functions. Orlyk's vast repertoire of dances combine harmonic melodies and punchy rhythms that embody the true spirit of Ukraine. Their dancers and musicians perform in unique, handmade costumes which reflect the different regions of Ukraine.

Through the very high standard of its dance and adherence to folk traditions Orlyk has earned the prestigious title of 'representative dance group of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain'.

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