Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain
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5th AUGB Holodomor Essay Prize 2024

The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB), in partnership with the Nadia Diuk Memorial Programme, is offering a prize worth up to £1000 for the best essay on the topic of the 1932-1933 Holodomor, the Ukrainian famine in which an estimated seven million Ukrainians died over a period of 18 months.

The Essay Prize Competition, now running for the fifth time, is open to Sixth Form students (Years 12/13) attending any school or college in the UK and studying any subject. Candidates are invited to submit an essay, of between 1500 and a maximum of 2000 words.

·      1st prize: £1000 to be split equally between the candidate and their school or college
·      2nd prize: £400 to be split equally between the candidate and their school or college
·      3rd prize: £200 to be split equally between the candidate and their school or college

The choice of approach is left to candidates, but they may wish to consider any of the following:
·      a historiographic approach using an analysis of any primary documents and what they reveal about the context of the Holodomor at the time
·      a discussion of the repercussions of the different presentation of events surrounding the Holodomor by western journalists at the time
·      an analysis of eye witness accounts and how these have contributed to our understanding of the Holodomor
·      a discussion of the key influences of the Holodomor on modern day events
·      any other approach which discusses the key elements and impacts of the Holodomor

Deadline for submission: 5pm on Friday 19th July 2024 by email to
Winners will be announced by mid-September 2024.

Essays should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document, and the email should include the Essay Cover Sheet available here on this page, detailing the candidate’s name, address, email, telephone number, and the name of the candidate’s teacher, school name, address, teacher email and school telephone.

The Essay Cover Sheet should be appended to the email – it is not necessary to incorporate it as the first page of the essay. A printable A4 Poster/Leaflet providing concise information about the prize is available here as a pdf.

Documents to download:
·       Essay Cover Sheet
·       Printable A4Poster/Leaflet (white background)

Direct enquiries should be made to:
The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB) is not able to acknowledge receipt of entries, but the winning entrants will be contacted by email by mid-September at the latest. An announcement will also be posted on the AUGB website with the names of the winners after this date. Winning essays will be published on the AUGB website, with the winners’ permission.

Essays must be written in English and emailed as Microsoft Word documents. The Essay Cover Sheet with your details should be appended to the email. Please make sure your postal address and other contact details are entered correctly. Your personal details/data will be collected by the AUGB only for the purposes of this competition and will be processed in accordance with any applicable data protection legislation.

Candidates must conform to the guidelines given in terms of length (maximum 2000 words), making sure any citations and quotes are acknowledged using any recognised system. Bibliographies are not included in the word count. Ensure pages are numbered.

The judges are particularly looking for originality, a clear structure, and use of different research and source materials such as books, websites and other sources. Entries composed using essay writing services or AI-powered writing assistants or similar are fraudulent and will not be accepted. Candidates are required to sign a Declaration of Originality (via the provided Essay Cover Sheet) stating that the essay is their own work and give permission for the judging panel to use licensed electronic software to examine their work for plagiarism should they wish to do so. The essay must not have been previously professionally or commercially published in any language and must not be in breach of any third-party rights. Candidates must agree to the Terms of the Essay Prize by ticking and dating the Declaration on the Essay Cover Sheet.

There is no limit to entries per school or college, although only one entry per entrant is accepted. There is no fee to enter.

The deadline for submission of essays is 17:00 (BST) Friday 19th July 2024. Essays which are not submitted by this time may not be considered.

Documents to download:
·       Essay Cover Sheet
·       Printable A4Poster/Leaflet (white background)