Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain
AUGB Ltd, 49 Linden Gardens, London, W2 4HG

WELCOME TO AUGB keighley branch

Welcome to Keighley!
Ласкаво просимо до Кixлeй!

Founded in 1948, by Ukrainians displaced during World War II, some of whom began their lives at the Displaced Persons hostel in Silsden, near Keighley.

We are a small, committed and active community, who continue to uphold our traditional Ukrainian values and cultures, which have been passed down from our parents and grandparents.

Our current mission is to welcome displaced Ukrainians, their families and hosts, and support their integration into British-Ukrainian life.

Branch Chair: Stefan Pryimuk
Branch Secretary: Stefan Cyhanko

9 Henry Street, Keighley
United Kingdom
BD21 3DR


Keighley Ukrainian Chapel

We welcome everyone to join us for Mass
on the 1st Sunday of every month
2pm start

9 Henry Street, Keighley
United Kingdom
BD21 3DR

our community events

Ukrainian Community days

We welcome displaced Ukrainians,
their families, sponsors and friends
every Thursday from 11am-1pm

Our community volunteers are on hand
to support with queries about every day life
and we often host information sessions with
external providers

Everyone is welcome to attend!


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