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Forever Ukraine! Вічна Україна!

The 1st anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine - 24th February 2023
Перша річниця повномасштабного вторгнення в Україну - 24 лютого 2023

Over the last year, since Russia’s full-scale invasion of
Ukraine, everyone has been shocked by the atrocities
that have unfolded before our eyes.

There has been sadness, trauma and tears, but
in spite of everything, Ukraine, its defenders and
its people have been resilient, strong and have
shown a firm belief that Ukraine will overcome.

These two poems have been written by children
from very different backgrounds, with very
different experiences of peace and war, but both
affirm that hope unites and is always with us
a flower amongst branches of thorns.

#365Resistance #365Courage #365Kindness #365Ukraine #365Україна #365Unbroken

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#365Resistance #365Courage #365Kindness #365Ukraine #365Україна #365Unbroken