Ukrayinska Dumka

Ukrayinska Dumka was first published in November 1945 as a means of communication with and between the thousands of Ukrainians who found themselves in the UK after the Second World War. Initially called "Nash Klych" and then "Ukraiyinska Dumka" from !947, it provided news and commentary on a weekly basis about the political and social situation in Ukraine, news about community events in the UK, and a range of articles about Ukrainian religion, culture and traditions.

From 2006 to July 2017, it became an initially 12 and then 16 page fortnightly publication maintaining the tradition of reporting about Ukraine and the Ukrainian diaspora while catering for a much wider audience, including young people from the second and third generations of the diaspora, and the new wave of Ukrainians arriving to ive and work in the UK.

Regular features included:

  • Review of the world’s press about Ukraine
  • News from Ukraine
  • Current Affairs, Interviews, Culture, History, Opinions...
  • Extracts from the Encyclopaedia of Ukrainians in UK
  • Ukrainian Books in the British Library
  • Sports page
  • News from the Ukrainian community around Great Britain
  • Notices, in memoriam, obituaries...
  • Recommendations from the bookshop, and much much more.

From July 2011 Ludmila Pekarska headed the Editorial Team of UD.

On 1 July 2017, the newspaper ceased publication.