Ukrainian TV and Radio - LIVE streaming and via satellite

Ukrainian TV

For an up to date list of Ukrainian TV stations streaming live and free online click here.

For the First National Channel (Перший Національний) stream, click here.

For a list of all Ukrainian free-to-air Ukrainian TV channels broadcasting via satelliteclick here. However, note the following. The beam for channels broadcasting from Astra 4.8E using transponders 12130, 12188, 12341 and 12399 is Nordic and not Europe which means that unless you live in the eastern-most area of East Anglia or the Shetland Islands, you will not be able to receive channels broadcasting from these transponders.

For a full list and details of all Ukrainian TV channels broadcasting via satellite (including encrypted channels), click here.

Ukrainian Radio

For Ukrainian radio stations streaming live online click here, choose your station and then when re-directed, click on the 'play'/microphone (or other similar symbol) on the screen to listen.

For a list of all Ukrainian free-to-air radio stations broadcasting via satellite, click here.

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