#helpukraine update from our charity partner, AICM, in ukraine

We have received some updates from AICM Ukraine Foundation, whose workers and volunteers have been continuing to help Ukrainians in need in some extremely dangerous situations.

Our AICM contact told us,“We are forced to take more risks, sometimes at night to reach the population, and the hospitals overwhelmed by the wounded. We reach more than 4,000 people a day in small villages, 75,000 people and 25 hospitals a week in big cities. This represents 8 trucks and 150 tonnes of medicines, food, hygiene kits, blankets, dignity kits, diapers and specialized food for children and the elderly.”

AICM have been working at night, and your donations have enabled them to buy medicines and aid, a diesel generator, and the first delivery of medicines to one of the recently liberated villages around Kyiv.

Your donations are making a real difference – thank you!