luba-fostun-rip.jpgWe were very saddened to hear the news that Luba Fostun passed away in Ukraine in the early hours of this morning.


Born in 1947 in Werchrata, Rava Rus’ka region, her family was one of some 140,000 Ukrainian victims forcibly resettled to Western Poland under Operation Vistula («Акція Вісла»). A teacher by profession, she moved to the UK with her parents in the early 1970s to join her sister Maria, who had already settled here in 1962.


From 1972 right through to her retirement in 2007, Luba worked in various AUGB Head Office departments, but she will perhaps be best remembered for her role as the AUGB’s Bookshop manager and her conversations with customers.


A very prominent member and for many years the National Secretary of the Association of Ukrainian Women, a longstanding teacher at London’s Ukrainian language school and committee member/treasurer of the London Branch of the Ukrainian Youth Association, she was extremely generous with her time and dedication to serve everyone’s needs. 


Luba was very strong-willed, spoke her mind freely but purposefully, was passionate and principled in her views and deeds and was very patriotic and loyal, both to the cause of a free Ukraine and the whole of the Ukrainian community in exile, for which she was held in high regard by many.


After coming to terms with the death of her husband in a road accident in 2004, she began to consider emigrating to Ukraine and finally moved there in 2008, settling in the village of Krykhivtsi in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast. In 2013 she was joined by her sister Maria but the joy of reunification was short-lived as Maria passed away in July 2014.


Luba continued to take a great interest in the Ukrainian community’s activities here and was always ready to whole-heartedly support and open her doors to all visitors from this country.


We missed her when she emigrated in 2008 and we will miss her even more now that she is gone.


May her good soul Rest in Peace!!!

Дорога Любо, Вічна Тобі Пам’ять!!!

Ukrayinska Dumka


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