On 29-30 September, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC), of which the Association of Ukrainians is a member organisation, joins Ukraine and the international community in marking and mourning the 80th anniversary of the 1941 Babyn Yar atrocity.


In just two days, almost 34,000 innocent local Jewish men, women and children were murdered in cold blood by Nazi forces at the Babyn Yar ravine on the outskirts of Kyiv.


And the brutal killings continued there throughout the period of Nazi German occupation of the territory. It is estimated that the total number of victims at the site may have been as high as 100,000.


Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) President, Paul Grod, has called the Babyn Yar atrocity “a shared tragedy for Ukrainian and Jewish people”. Mr Grod added: “It is an open wound for Ukraine and for humanity. We have a duty to safeguard its memory from political manipulations and disinformation, often used as weapons in Russia’s war against Ukraine. To honour the memory of the innocent victims for generations to come, the UWC supports Ukraine’s plans to establish the Baby Yar National Museum and Memorial Complex”.


May all Babyn Yar victims rest in peace and may their memory remain eternal!


On 29-30 September, the UWC, jointly with the National Historical and Memorial Reserve “Babyn Yar”, the  Institute of History of Ukraine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the  Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, invite you to pay tribute to Babyn Yar victims. You can light a virtual Candle of Remembrance, lay a virtual stone or join the livestream of the Interfaith Prayer Service held at Babyn Yar on 29 September at 8.30 pm Kyiv time. You can also join these commemorative events live in Kyiv.


Further details about the events can be found here:



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