Stepan Bandera was born on 1 January 1909. His name became synonymous with Ukraine’s struggle for Freedom and Independence.  He was assassinated by a Soviet agent in Munich on 15 October 1959.

The AUGB and Ukrainian Information Service have completed all preparations for the Stepan Bandera Exhibition, which will officially open at the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in Kyiv on 15 October. Photographs, documents and personal items of Bandera from the National Museum’s own collection and the collections of the Stepan Bandera Museum of the Liberation Struggle in London, the Shevchenko Library and Archive (London),  the Memorial Museum-House of Bandera in Staro Uhryniv,  Security Services of Ukraine (archives) and other organisations will be exhibited.

Over the past five months, the curators of the two London based institutions, Dr. Ludmila Pekarska and Mr Wasyl Oleskiw, worked together on the professional preparation of their materials for the Exhibition.  Member of the AUGB’s Board of Directors, Mr Volodymyr Muzyczka, has also greatly helped with the project.

This jubilee exhibition on Stepan Bandera will be the first ever to be held in the capital of  Ukraine.

It has already created widespread interest and its opening at such a prestigious venue is eagerly awaited. 

On our Home Page we have reproduced a sample of images that will be on display in Kyiv.  These include photos of the house in which Bandera was born in Ukraine, his local village church in which he was christened, pictures of Bandera himself and his funeral.

The exhibition will run until the end of 2009.  Further information will be published in the Ukrainian Thought (“Dumka”).

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