Holodomor contacts

AUGB has established a Holodomor Commemoration Committee to co-ordinate the strategy and programme for nationwide activities throughout 2008 and into 2009.  The Committee will also provide support to local communities and individuals to help realise additional ideas and plans. 

If you have a question, an idea for raising awareness of the Holodomor, or would like to contribute to the work of the Committee in any way, please contact one of the Committee members.

Donations towards the cost of commemoration activities are welcome, and should be sent to Fedir Kurlak at AUGB headquarters at 49 Linden Gardens, London, W2 4HG.

Holodomor Commemoration Committee – Members and lead responsibilities:

Bohdan Ratych (Chair)
Torch Rally Programme, budget, liaison with International Holodomor Commemoration Committee

Fedir Kurlak
Liaison with AUGB Branches and internal communіcations

Lessia Djakowska
22 November event

Iryna Terlecky
Awareness raising and programme management

Martyn Chymera
Student campaign, Torch Rally

For general enquiries
The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB)
020 7229 8392 or fedir.kurlak@augb.co.uk